Donald Trump’s own staff is scared to death about his meeting with Vladimir Putin

If you’re worried about Donald Trump’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, you have plenty of good reason. Trump is a puppet of Putin, willing to use the White House to do Russia’s bidding, and unwilling to stand up to him under any circumstances. And it turns out you’re in good company: Trump’s own staff is scared to death about the upcoming Trump-Putin meeting as well.

“Even his top aides do not know precisely what Mr. Trump will decide to say or do” when he gets in a room with Putin this week, according to a startling new report from the New York Times (link). It goes on to explain that they’ve briefed Trump repeatedly about what he should say and what he should expect, but they basically have no idea what the increasingly erratic and consistently Russian-puppet-stringed Trump might end up doing.

It’s also nearly a given that, despite whatever briefings he’s been given, an increasingly mentally vacant Donald Trump will go into the meeting with little to no knowledge or understanding of the numerous critical issues that now exist between the United States and Russia, all of which need to be diplomatically negotiated in order to prevent the globe from plunging into further chaos. Of course the last time Trump was in a room with Russian government representatives, he promptly gave them Israeli classified information, creating an international incident. And that was without Putin being in the room.

Trump’s staffers are likely so nervous about the Putin meeting because they know that Trump is already widely perceived as being Russia’s puppet, and that he’s likely to simply kiss up to Putin while handing him free concessions, which will only serve to further erode his already historic level of unpopularity. This trip could be what pushes Trump’s approval rating below the magical 30% mark, at which point even the GOP might eye impeachment to avoid getting wiped out in the midterms. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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