Devin Nunes is spiraling out of control and headed for prison

Even as the treasonous crimes of Donald Trump and the arrests of his key advisers have dominated the headlines in 2017, one pivotal story has struggled to receive the proper attention: the stunning trajectory of Trump’s dumbest co-conspirator, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes. He began the year by leaking classified information in an attempt at sabotaging his own committee’s investigation, and he’s only spun more out of control as time has gone on. Even as he grows more desperate to take others down, legal experts now believe he’s headed to prison himself.

Nunes spent most of the year banished from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, even though he’s the Chairman of the committee. Now he’s inexplicably part of the investigation again, even though his prior actions mean he’s also a suspect. He’s essentially running a phony counter-investigation aimed at falsely exonerating Trump while falsely pinning the blame on others. He’s targeting everyone from Hillary Clinton, predictably, to John McCain, incredibly. Nunes is taking things so far that even his fellow Republicans are getting jumpy.

Devin Nunes, of course, was on the Trump transition team. Michael Flynn has confessed to having kept that team in the loop about his treasonous activities with Russia, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller has every email sent and received by the transition team. Nunes is acting profoundly guilty, and it’s easy to see how Mueller may already have him nailed. But even Trey Gowdy, the other Republican Congressman on the Trump transition team, appears to believe Nunes is taking things too far with his hooliganism.

Gowdy is now complaining to the Washington Post that he can’t figure out where Nunes’ own staff ends and where the House Intel Committee’s staff begins, citing concerns about who might be loyal to whom (link). Still, the Republican-controlled Congress has done nothing to put a stop to Nunes’ antics. Meanwhile, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe recently used his Twitter account to predict that Nunes is indeed headed to prison. It’s not difficult to see why: Nunes is an idiot, and Trump has been setting him up as a fall guy all along.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report