Donald Trump’s latest remark about Jeff Sessions reminds of just how senile he’s become

Over the past months we’ve seen increasing and alarming evidence that Donald Trump is, for whatever reason, largely going senile. Is it Alzheimer’s, or perhaps dementia? Are his existing psychological problems worsening and making him senile? We have no idea, since he still refuses to see a legitimate doctor. But we’re being reminded yet again of just how far gone Trump truly is.

This week Trump began trying to explain why he believed the Republicans lost the special election for U.S. Senate in Alabama. After talking himself in circles, he ultimately blamed Jeff Sessions for having abandoned the seat to begin with. This is absurd on its face, considering that Alabama is one of the most Republican states in the nation, and the GOP should have theoretically been able to win the race easily. The GOP only lost because Trump’s own extreme unpopularity is weighing down the party nationwide. But that’s just Trump’s usual self-denial. The truly disturbing part is that he’s specifically blaming Sessions.

If you recall, Sessions only abandoned his Senate seat because Trump picked him to be Attorney General. Apparently, Trump doesn’t recall this. He appears to have forgotten that, less than a year ago, he himself created the vacancy in Alabama by plucking Sessions from his seat. Of course Trump has also made several remarks this year which suggest that he’s forgotten that the election in the California 34th took place.

It’s one thing for Donald Trump to lie, which he does brazenly, and he does often. It’s another for Trump to say the kinds of things that make it sound like he honestly can’t remember that he’s the reason Jeff Sessions abandoned his Senate seat. Put it within the context of Trump wandering out of joint press conferences and bill signings while they’re still going on, speaking incoherently during speeches, slurring his words, and other increasingly bizarre behavior, and his senility is on full display.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report