Senator Patrick Leahy throws down the Trump-Russia gauntlet at Jeff Sessions

In the fallout from former FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell testimony, which implicated everyone from Donald Trump to Mike Pence to Jeff Sessions in the Russia scandal, each of these marked men has been reacting in his own way. Trump has been incriminating himself loudly on Twitter. Pence is laying low. And Sessions is trying to hide from his regularly scheduled duties as Attorney General – but it’s not playing well with some of his former Senate colleagues.

Sessions bailed out of a scheduled public hearing before the Senate, and is instead offering to testify in a closed session. His attempt at hiding from public reckoning has led Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont to throw down the gauntlet.

Leahy tweeted the following regarding Jeff Sessions: “Atty Gen. Sessions provided false testimony in response to questions from me and @SenFranken about his contacts with Russian officials. Now, twice in 2 mos., AG Sessions cancels an Approps hg in which I could Q him about his false testimony and half-hearted Russia recusal. My mssg to AttyGen Sessions: Approps & Judiciary have oversight of DOJ. You need to testify before both in public. You can’t run forever.”

This comes even as numerous Democratic leaders in Congress, from Nancy Pelosi to Ted Lieu, are now actively calling on Jeff Sessions to resign.

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