New evidence reveals Sean Spicer is completely hosed in the Trump-Russia scandal

The fallout from the Michael Flynn plea deal is continuing to have a cascading effect on the other players in the Trump-Russia scandal, and this time the fallout is incriminating yet another former Trump White House senior adviser. Immediately after Flynn cut a deal, emails from Flynn’s former deputy KT McFarland leaked to the media which revealed she knew Russia rigged the election. Now that chain reaction has just incriminated Sean Spicer of all people.

McFarland’s email chain from December 29th revealed that she knew Russia had rigged the election in Donald Trump’s favor, and that she also knew Flynn was conspiring with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period to sabotage President Obama’s sanctions. Sean Spicer was one of the people who received McFarland’s email. Spicer went on to become the White House Press Secretary, meaning he was the one to speak publicly once Flynn’s communications with the Ambassador were revealed – and he lied.

Lying to the public is not a violation of the law in and of itself. But, as this video clip) unearthed by Just Security reveals, on January 23rd, Spicer used his briefing to claim that Flynn had only called the Ambassador to wish him happy holidays. Now we know from McFarland’s emails that Spicer was already well aware of the true (and illegal) nature of Flynn’s phone calls. It means Spicer committed obstruction of justice by lying to the public in an attempt at throwing off Trump-Russia investigators.

Keep in mind that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have already interviewed Sean Spicer. It’s not known what Spicer said. But if he lied about the above matter, then he’s also committed the felony of lying to federal investigators. Now Spicer is looking at one, and maybe two, felony charges. In such case it seems likely that Spicer would cut a deal to testify against Donald Trump, as he witnessed Trump committing obstruction with regard to Donald Trump Jr’s Russia meeting.

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