Rudy Giuliani just basically admitted that Donald Trump was in on the Russia thing

Even throughout all the chaos of the past few days surrounding Donald Trump’s disastrous North Korea deal, Michael Cohen’s impending plea deal, and Paul Manafort’s imminent imprisonment, Rudy Giuliani is incredibly still out there running his mouth. Rudy had better hope that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was too busy to bother watching his interview on Fox News last night, because he just basically admitted that Trump was in on Cohen’s Russia scheme.

During the election, Michael Cohen tried to coordinate with the Kremlin to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. This project obviously never did get built. But one of the key aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation is how the planned real estate venture was tied to Russia’s election hacking on Trump’s behalf. Was it quid pro quo? Did money change hands? How high up the food chain did it go? Cohen can obviously provide those answers – but Rudy may have just beat him to it.

When Giuliani appeared on Fox News last night, he was point blank asked whether or not Donald Trump gave Michael Cohen the green light for the Trump Tower Moscow project during the election. If Trump wasn’t involved, Rudy needed to answer this question with an emphatic “No.” Even if Trump was involved, Rudy would have had nothing left to lose by lying and saying “No.” Instead, Rudy’s answer was “I can’t tell you.” That’s even worse than “No comment.”

In other words, Rudy Giuliani knows that Donald Trump did greenlight the Trump Tower Moscow project during the election, and Rudy wasn’t sure whether or not to admit it when he was asked on live national television. What’s stunning is that he somehow didn’t know this question was coming. Either way, he just basically admitted that Trump was in on Cohen’s Russia scheme. Rudy’s confession tour continues.

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