Senate Intel Committee targets Russian puppet Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is so blatantly a Russian puppet that even his fellow Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy accused him last year of being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. As Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has grown worse for him, Rohrabacher has rather strangely upped the ante by meeting with fellow Russian puppet Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Now the Senate Intel Committee is targeting Rohrabacher.

Yesterday CNN reported that Dana Rohrabacher is now looking to set up a meeting with Donald Trump in order to share the details of his recent conversation with Julian Assange (link), marking Rohrabacher’s most brazen escalation of his Russian puppetry to date. This was enough to prompt the Senate Intelligence Committee to finally decide to target him, despite his status as a fellow member of Congress.

Here’s the update that Jake Tapper provided today: “Two Congressional sources tell me Senate Intl Cmte investigators may want to talk to Rep Rohrabacher about his meeting with Assange. Senate Intel Cmte investigators are trying to figure out how to proceed given that Rohrabacher is a fellow Member of Congress” (link). There appears to be a real concern that Assange, who conspired with the Kremlin to release hacked and stolen emails during the election, may now be trying to use Rohrabacher to get instructions to Trump as far as what to do next with the Russia scandal.

It’s never been clear why Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has become so married to Vladimir Putin and Russia in recent years. Oddly enough, years ago he was a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, who took severe stances against the Soviet union. Rohrabacher’s escalating Russian puppetry serves to cast new light on the accusation that McCarthy made last year when he asserted that both Rohrabacher and Donald Trump have been taking money directly from Putin. Now it looks like the Senate Intel Committee might get to the bottom of it.

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