Report: NSA Director Mike Rogers confirms Trump-Russia election collusion to employees

Americans have largely come to know NSA Director Mike Rogers for his role in publicly testifying alongside former FBI Director James Comey during congressional hearings into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. More recently, it’s come to light that Trump tried and failed to convince Rogers to lie to the American people about the Trump-Russia investigation. And now comes a report that Rogers recently confirmed to his employees that the NSA has evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

That word comes by way of intel community insider John Schindler, who has published a lengthy column in the Observer. He reveals that according to multiple sources of his within the intel community, Mike Rogers held a town hall event this week which was broadcast to the entirety of the NSA. Rogers told employees that “There is no question that we have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians.”

Schindler says that his sources have confirmed Rogers was referring to intercepted communications of Trump campaign staff and Russian officials discussing how to harm Hillary Clinton in the election (link). The timing of Rogers’ decision to reveal this to the entire NSA is notable.

This week the Washington Post reported that Trump had asked Rogers and DNI Daniel Coats to publicly contradict James Comey’s public confirmation that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign over Russia (link). Rogers had to have known that his words during this week’s NSA town hall would quickly leak to the public. Is this his way of pushing back? Stay tuned.

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