Special Counsel Robert Mueller takes major step in getting Donald Trump’s underlings to flip on him

Has Michael Flynn already flipped on Donald Trump, as Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse alluded to yesterday? If not, how close is he to flipping, considering he’s already asked for immunity at least once? What about Paul Manafort, and the other countless Trump cronies who are in legal trouble and only have one way out of it? That’s what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now specifically targeting.

Mueller’s long-discussed hire of Andrew Weissmann is now finally official, according to a Reuters report (link). This is notable in that Weissmann is coming over from the Department of Justice, meaning that Mueller is continuing to hire people away from Attorney Jeff Sessions’ DOJ in order to build a Special Counsel team that will likely end up taking down Jeff Sessions. But what’s more notable is the notorious specialty that Andrew Weissmann brings to the table.

Weissmann is the guy who famously got an Enron executive to flip on his co-conspitators and testify against them, without even having to give the guy a deal. Before that, Weissmann used to get mobsters to flip on each other. So there’s no real pretense here: Robert Mueller hired this guy for the purpose of getting Trump’s underlings to flip on him. That leads to the question of who will flip first.

Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are facing serious criminal consequences for their failure to register as foreign agents while cashing in on major paydays from foreign government intermediaries. Carter Page seems to have been mixed up in a Russian spy ring. Roger Stone had admitted to communicating with the Russian hacker who stole U.S. election data from Trump’s opponents. Even Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is in trouble for his suspicious secret meeting with a sanctioned Russian bank. So which of them will be convinced by Andrew Weissmann to flip on Donald Trump first?

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