Richard Painter destroys Kellyanne Conway over ignorant remark about the military

Richard Painter is a respected law professor and a former White House ethics lawyer during the later stages of the George W. Bush administration. He’s also emerged as one of the leading voices against the Donald Trump administration, serving up devastating critiques of Trump’s scandals, and providing legal expertise to the lawsuits against Trump over his ethical violations. Now Painter is also slaying Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Retired General John Kelly stepped into the gutter on Thursday when he attacked a local Congresswoman in Florida as a way of attacking the family of a fallen U.S. solider. It shattered what was left of Kelly’s credibility, evoking instant condemnation from all sides, as he was finally written off as being no better than the traitor Trump himself. Naturally, Kellyanne Conway loved what General Kelly had to say. That didn’t go over well with Painter.

Even as General Kelly was attacking the family of a fallen U.S. soldier, he said that soldiers are “the best 1% this country produces. Most of you as Americans don’t know them.” This prompted Kellyanne Conway to tweet that the speech was “Epic on so many levels.” But this led Richard Painter to fire back at her: “So why then don’t the 1% who are soldiers get the tax cut instead of almost all of it going to your 1%?”

It’s still unclear what role Kellyanne Conway is supposed to be playing in the Trump White House, beyond saying the most offensive things she can think of, and packing as many lies as possible into each sentence. However, it is clear that General Kelly’s role in Trump’s White House is simply to enable Trump while explaining away his most disgusting behavior, and attacking anyone who gets in Trump’s way. Meanwhile, Richard Painter continues to emerge as one of the most principled Republicans in the country.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report