Greenpeace installs giant “RESIST” banner over the White House in protest of Donald Trump

If Donald Trump is in the White House today, he might want to avoid looking out the window if he doesn’t want to get his feelings hurt — nd tourists in Washington DC might want to head over to the White House for once in a lifetime selfies. Greenpeace activists have managed to attach a gigantic banner reading “RESIST” to the top of a nearby construction crane, creating the following visual:

photo: @SocialPower1 | Twitter

The activists took advantage of an existing construction crane parked at a nearby construction site. The banner is actually a couple blocks away from the White House, but when looking at the White House, the banner appears to be flying atop it pirate-style. To give you an idea of how gigantic the RESIST banner is, the two black splotches in this photo are people:

If you want to stand in solidarity with Greenpeace, which has confirmed that the RESIST banner is its handiwork, you can donate on the Greenpeace website.

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