Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski retaliates harshly against Donald Trump after he threatens her

After Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski voted against allowing Donald Trump’s subpar health care bill to move forward, Trump began trying to bully her over it. First he publicly threatened her over Twitter. Then he had his Secretary of the Interior privately threaten to harm the entire state of Alaska. But now Murkowski is fighting back, and let’s just say that she’s figured out how to retaliate in a harsh manner that Trump may come to regret.

After the Trump administration threatened to punish Murkowski by cutting off funding for the issues that Alaska cares about the most, she decided to retaliate by postponing the confirmation hearing for Trump nominees that are currently pending before her commitee (source: The Hill). The move comes as just the latest back-and-forth stab between Donald Trump and the Republican Party this week that has them on the brink of an internal civil war.

So far this week: Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has stood up against Donald Trump on his transgender military ban. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has made clear he won’t allow a hearing for any new Attorney General appointee. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has taken a hiatus from the job after being offended by Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts. Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich have both appeared on television and sided with Jeff Sessions, whom Trump is trying to destroy. And it’s only Thursday.

It’s becoming more apparent by the day that, as Donald Trump feels the pressure of historic unpopularity and a total lack of accomplishment, he’s now trying to take out his frustrations on his own Republican Party. It’s also becoming more apparent that the Republicans are becoming less afraid of Trump by the day. How much longer before the Republican retaliation against Trump graduates to public talk of impeachment?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report