Republican Congressman to Donald Trump: stop talking and focus more on golf

Donald Trump interrupted his weeks-long golf vacation to briefly and disastrously dabble in politics over the past few days. The fallout has come fast and furious after Trump gave a speech in which he defended white supremacists among other jarring and divisive absurdities. Now one Republican Congressman has made the surreal move of publicly telling the supposed “President of the United States” to stay away from politics and spend more time playing golf instead.

Republican Congressman Dave Trott of Michigan tweeted the following message on Wednesday: “I think America needs more unity and less divisiveness…meaning Donald Trump should focus more on golf & have less press conferences.” (link). Trott is in effect admitting that Trump is so toxic to the political landscape that America would be better off having essentially no President than having Trump occasionally stepping up to screw up the job. The Congressman’s remarks were met with mixed reactions to say the least.

Some Trump supporters jumped in to attack Dave Trott while insisting that Trump somehow said nothing wrong, even as a large number of anti-Trump respondents asked Trott if he realized the absurdity of what he was suggesting. It’s worth noting that Trott has supported some of Trump’s most aggressively racist policies, including trying to ban Muslims from entering the country. Trott seems to be in favor of Trump’s racist views – just not when Trump is saying them out loud.

Meanwhile, neither Dave Trott nor any other Republican in the House of Representatives has been willing to publicly acknowledge the need for impeachment hearings against Donald Trump. Trott’s attempt at being clever with his “focus more on golf” quip ended up backfiring on him from all sides. It served to highlight that the Republicans in Congress have no idea how to deal with Trump’s accelerating collapse in popularity and mental competence.

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