Report: Donald Trump fires White House Special Assistant Julia Hahn

Early this morning I wrote that today could end up being Donald Trump’s worst day yet. After the mass resignation of seventeen advisory council members, the messy firing of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and the abrupt resignation of financial adviser Carl Icahn, you can judge for yourself how poorly today played out for Trump. But it turns out the chaos of the day may not yet be finished, as White House Special Assistant Julia Hahn has also reportedly been fired.

So who is Julia Hahn? She’s best known for only being twenty-six years old, rare for a senior staffer, and for being a protege of Steve Bannon. So her apparent departure doesn’t come as a shock. But it does show just how chaotic things are right now in Trump’s White House – to the point that there still hasn’t been any official confirmation from the White House about whether or not Hahn still has a job. This comes amid multiple media reports that she’s already been fired.

The Washington Post speculated this afternoon that Steve Bannon’s firing meant that Julia Hahn’s dismissal was likely imminent as well (link). But Jake Sherman of Politico shared this tidbit this afternoon: “unsurprising but a few ppl emailed to say Julia Hahn is out of WH as well” (link). And yet even as of 10pm eastern time Friday night, no one seems to really know what’s going on.

Donald Trump’s floundering White House still hasn’t bothered to confirm or deny if Julia Hahn has been fired, despite her status as a high level senior staffer. Hahn hasn’t yet said anything herself. And there have been so many controversial and high profile departures from Trump’s sinking ship so far today that the media can’t even collectively keep up with all the carnage. Stay tuned.

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