Donald Trump is pissed at Ivanka Trump

Earlier this week it was reported that Donald Trump told his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner that they should resign from the White House and move back to New York in order to protect their own reputations. It was a clear sign of trouble within the Trump family. Now the details of that family feud are starting to leak out, and suffice it to say that Donald is now pissed at his daughter.

Ivanka publicly condemned Republican Senate candidate and alleged child molester Roy Moore, before Donald ultimately ended up endorsing Moore. This left Donald looking foolish, and Moore’s opponent Doug Jones promptly began running ads featuring Ivanka’s words. According to a New York Times report on Saturday night, Donald Trump is now furious at his daughter over the matter (link). He’s venting his “annoyance” at her. He’s muttering things like “Do you believe this?” We’ve heard stories of Trump acting this way toward his advisers before, and it’s only ever ended in one fashion.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to imagine that Donald Trump would outright fire his own daughter from the White House. Then again, he never outright fires anyone. He simply begins nudging them to resign, and making their lives miserable until they comply. We’ve seen him do it to everyone from Reince Priebus to Steve Bannon on down. In any case, there’s reason to believe that Ivanka and Jared really are about to resign and move back to New York City.

As Palmer Report previously laid out, Jared Kushner appears to have planted three stories in the media over the past four days – two of them simultaneously – with the aim of laying the groundwork for his own resignation and making it Donald Trump’s fault (link). Now we’ve got word that Trump is outright pissed at Ivanka for sabotaging his own political agenda. Something is about to give.

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