Peter W. Smith committed suicide the same day a reporter investigating Donald Trump died by falling down stairs

Peter W. Smith, a Republican operative who confessed to the Wall Street Journal that he had tried to collude with Russian hackers and the Donald Trump campaign to rig the election, died just ten days after he spoke with the reporter. It’s now been revealed that Smith’s official cause of death was suicide. And it turns out he wasn’t the only one to die suspiciously on May 14th who had become a liability for Donald Trump.

Smith is said to have committed suicide in an Illinois hotel room, according to a new report by the Chicago Tribune (link). This is made suspicious not only because he had just begun confessing his Trump-Russia collusion role to the media, but because his suicide note strangely insists there was “no foul play whatsoever” in all capital letters. But on that same day, in Massachusetts, a reporter named Scott Christianson died in equally suspicious fashion.

Christianson had been investigating Donald Trump’s scandals for the news outlet McClatchy. But he fell down a flight stairs on May 14th, according to the Times Union (link). This has long seemed suspicious because Christianson had spent his decades long career focusing on other topics, and he had just joined McClatchy so he could begin reporting on Trump’s scandal. He had only gotten one article about Trump out the door before he suddenly died in bizarre fashion.

The deaths of Peter W. Smith and Scott Christianson, both on the same day, both under suspicious circumstances, both immediately after they had become liabilities for Donald Trump, will no doubt cause the public to speculate that they may have both been murdered by the Kremlin or some other entity trying to protect Trump. There is no known evidence to connect Smith and Christianson directly to each other. But this gets pretty deeply into “what are the odds this is a coincidence” territory. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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