Impeachment double dip? James Comey implicates Mike Pence during his testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey managed to spend several hours today publicly making a detailed case for how Donald Trump is guilty of felony obstruction of justice, all while declining to answer questions about whether the evidence he presented constituted obstruction of justice. It was a clever way to expose Trump’s guilt while allowing the Special Counsel to make official legal determinations. But Comey also exposed Mike Pence by name in the process.

Amid a series of bombshells which Comey laid out about Trump, it went barely noticed that Comey also made clear Mike Pence knew about the concerns of Michael Flynn having been compromised the entire time. That means Pence lied to the American public when he insisted that he thought Flynn was clean. It also means that the entire excuse for firing Flynn, which was that he misled Pence about Russia, is out the window.

So why did Mike Pence spend months covering for Michael Flynn’s Russia and Turkey connections? What was the real reason Flynn was ultimately fired? This implicates Flynn has having been a core participant in a White House coverup that’s not yet been fully exposed. It also means that if things get so ugly for Donald Trump that he is ultimately impeached for obstruction, whether it be before or after the midterms, Pence will be facing an immediate scandal of his own making.

If Mike Pence gets even so much as a whiff of the presidency, he’ll be immediately made to answer for his role in the Russia scandal and coverup. Depending on how the midterms go, Pence could end up being impeached as well. James Comey laid the breadcrumbs for it today by making clear under oath that Pence knew all about the Flynn scandal from the start. That means it’ll eventually become Pence’s scandal. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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