Donald Trump’s pathetic response after learning Michael Flynn has sold him out

Donald Trump learned on Thanksgiving evening, along with the rest of us, that his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has begun negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s behavior earlier in the week suggests that he had an idea it was coming. Once the news broke, he remained quiet for several hours before inevitably surfacing on Twitter – and his response was nothing short of pathetic.

One would expect Donald Trump to have come out swinging, right? Ordinarily he’d have attacked Michael Flynn for being disloyal, or he’d have attacked the “fake news” media for reporting the story at all, or maybe he’d have attacked yet another famous black athlete as a distraction. Instead, Trump posted a pair of tweets just before midnight which were, frankly, just plain sad.

First Trump retweeted a generic Thanksgiving message from his Fox News buddy Sean Hannity, and added his own message “A great guy (with great ratings)!” Then he retweeted a video from his infamous fans Diamond and Silk, adding “Two great people!” Under any other circumstances, these are the kinds of tweets one might hope that the President of the United States would think to post on a day like this. Sure, the people he’s retweeting are terrible people, but at least he’s using Thanksgiving to express appreciation to his remaining supporters. Except these aren’t normal circumstances.

Donald Trump just learned that his own corrupt National Security Adviser has sold him out in order to save himself. It’s a betrayal on a personal level, and it’s also a devastating blow that will certainly end Trump’s presidency while possibly landing Trump in prison for the rest of his life. Yet, after learning about it, Trump began meekly retweeting a couple of supporters, as if nothing odd were going on at all. Perhaps, now that Flynn has sold him out, Trump has simply given up fighting. We’ll see what he does in the morning.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report