Carter Page just used his testimony to throw Jeff Sessions under the Trump-Russia bus

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page testified privately before the House Intelligence Committee today in the Trump-Russia scandal. Page is gaining headlines for having invoked the Fifth Amendment as justification for refusing to turn over relevant documents that have been subpoenaed. However, the biggest story is that during his testimony today, Page threw Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus.

Carter Page has long been documented to have taken a trip to Moscow during the election, while he was a Donald Trump campaign adviser. Page insists that he simply gave a speech during that trip, and that he was not a part of any Trump-Russia conspiracy to alter the outcome of the election. Regardless of what really went on during that trip, the upshot is that according to a CNN report, Page testified today that he informed Jeff Sessions about the trip in advance (link). This incriminates Sessions whether there was anything illegal about Page’s Moscow trip or not.

Jeff Sessions went on to tell the Senate under oath earlier this year that he wasn’t aware of any Trump campaign advisers having had any association with Russia. Carter Page’s testimony confirms that Sessions lied under oath. This is the second Trump campaign adviser to accuse Sessions of having lied in this manner. As part of his formal confession, George Papadopoulos asserted that Jeff Sessions knew in advance about his plot to conspire with the Russian government to alter the outcome of the election.

While the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to ever take any punitive action against Jeff Sessions for having lied under oath, Special Counsel Robert Mueller can bring criminal charges against Sessions for that perjury. Mueller already has Papadopoulos as a witness that Sessions is lying, and now it looks like Mueller will end up with Carter Page as a witness to the same.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report