After Carter Page implicates him, Corey Lewandowski fesses up about Trump-Russia scandal

The recently released testimony from Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page made immediate headlines for its incoherence and unintentional comedy. However, once the initial shock of the sheer absurdity wore off, it became clear that Page had implicated Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and key Trump White House adviser Hope Hicks in the Trump-Russia scandal. Sure enough, Lewandowski is now fessing up about his own role in the scandal.

When Carter Page testified about the Trump-Russia scandal before the House Intelligence Committee, he asserted that he had informed Hicks and Lewandowski in advance about the true nature of his trip to Moscow. Page met a number of key Russian officials during that trip. Page has changed his story so many times, often within the same breath, that he may be considered too unreliable of a witness to be taken at his word. However, Page revealed that he made these notifications via email, meaning he doesn’t have to be taken at his word. Sure enough, that did the trick.

Now Corey Lewandowski is changing his story accordingly. He’s admitting that he remembers Carter Page having notified him about the trip to Moscow. Lewandowski made the admission while appearing on Fox News (link). His laugh-out-loud attempt at explaining away his earlier lie: he had forgotten about the exchange with Page because he was distracted by Father’s Day. Seriously, he’s blaming his own kids.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and if necessary a grand jury, will have to determine whether Corey Lewandowski obstructed justice when he publicly lied about his advance knowledge Carter Page’s trip to Moscow. If Lewandowski ends up being indicted on criminal charges, he would then have little choice but to cut a deal. Lewandowski could then potentially provide incriminating testimony against Paul Manafort, whom he worked under for several months during the campaign, or even Donald Trump himself.

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