President Obama’s legacy just got further cemented into place

We’ve heard it time and again from the racists and other bottom feeders who resent President Obama because he’s a smart black guy, or simply because he’s smarter than they are, period. They’ve been openly rooting for Donald Trump to dismantle Obama’s overwhelmingly beneficial legacy, for no reason other than spite. But as Trump continues to fail on an increasingly historic level, the precise opposite is happening. In fact Obama’s legacy just got further cemented into place.

President Obama cut a very complicated, but very smart, deal with Iran. Obama got everything he wanted, from the end of Iran’s nuclear program, to advances on human rights. Iran had to swallow the deal, even though it was heavily lopsided in the United States’ favor, because it was just that eager to re-enter the world economy. Obama’s detractors naturally lashed out at the deal, both because they wanted him to fail, and because they were too lunkheaded to understand the details of the deal that guaranteed it would work out in America’s favor: mandatory inspections, automatic penalties, financial motivations, and so on.

Donald Trump was so desperate to prove that he’s smarter than President Obama, he announced last month that he was abandoning the Iran deal. The sheer spitefulness of the move was revealed when Trump didn’t announce any new policy in its place, and still hasn’t taken any action with regard to Iran at all. This was nothing more than Trump trying to wipe an Obama accomplishment from the history books, just as he was trying his hand at his own deal with North Korea.

Trump finalized that North Korea deal yesterday, and it’s a laugh-out-loud disaster for him. He didn’t manage to get a single binding concession from Kim Jong Un. North Korea is free to continue its nuclear missile program, free to continue persecuting its own people, and free to gloat about a stunning victory over the weakest individual to ever occupy the office of President of the United States. This “deal” is just Trump blowing kisses to a two-bit dictator, and literally nothing more.

Donald Trump just unwittingly proved that pulling off a successful deal requires hard work, leverage, and intelligence – and that he’s not capable of any of the above. This is the worst deal in U.S. history. Trump has exposed himself as lazy, weak, and stupid. He’s also demonstrated that President Obama’s Iran deal was a work of genius. Trump just helped cement Obama’s legacy, by proving that Obama’s accomplishments were indeed historically beneficial to the United States. By the way, Iran has decided to continue honoring the terms of the deal; it’s clearly betting on Trump not lasting much longer. So not only is Obama’s legacy still intact, so is his Iran deal.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report