No, the Supreme Court did NOT rule against giving Mueller Report evidence to the House

Today the Supreme Court placed a hold on a lower court judge’s ruling that Mueller Report grand jury evidence must be turned over to the House. This was nothing more than a procedural move, and not a ruling in the case – but it’s being wildly misrepresented and misreported in the media. So what actually happened?

As is the case with all of these legal disputes involving evidence against Donald Trump, the Supreme Court is going to end up ruling on whether the House can have the Mueller Report evidence. In the meantime, the court isn’t going to give the evidence to the House, because then there would no longer be a case to decide; it’s not like the court could take the evidence back if it ends up ruling that the House isn’t legally entitled to it.

Today’s hold was a commonplace procedural maneuver, and an expected one. It’s not a ruling in Trump’s favor. It’s not even a ruling. It’s nothing at all, and it tells us nothing about how the Supreme Court might end up ruling in this case.

As for the seemingly endless number of journalists and pundits who are playing this up as if it’s some kind of doomsday Supreme Court ruling in Trump’s favor, it’s not clear how many of them simply don’t understand what they’re talking about, and how many of them might be purposely misrepresenting this so they can play it up for ratings. Either way, this is a complete non-story.