Nikolai Andrushchenko is 12th prominent Russian to die suspiciously during Trump-Russia scandal

In the time since Donald Trump’s Russian collusion scandal has come to the forefront, a curious number of prominent individuals connected to the scandal, as well as a number of prominent Russian citizens, have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. There had been eleven victims in all. And today, Nikolai Andrushchenko has become the 12th prominent Russian to die amid the scandal.

Andrushchenko was a prominent anti-Putin journalist in Russia. He was beaten unconscious on March 19th by still-unidentified assailants, and he finally passed away from his injuries today, according to Radio Free Europe (link). Prominent Russian voices who have challenged Vladimir Putin have had a tendency to face similar fates. But while it’s not yet known whether Andrushchenko’s death was directly related to the Trump-Russia scandal, many of the previous eleven dead Russians have indeed had direct connections.

For instance after former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier became public, two former Russian intel agents who were thought to have helped Steele – Oleg Erovinkin and Sergei Mikhailov – fell by the wayside, the latter having been last seen dragged away with a bag over his head. Two Russian diplomats, Mikhail Lesin and Sergey Krivov, were both found dead in the United States. Despite both having severe head trauma, Russia insisted both men had died of heart attacks.

And then there’s Nikolai Gorokhov, who managed to survive being propelled out of his fourth story window the day before he was scheduled to testify as an opposition witness in a trial which Putin was trying to use to clear the way for Donald Trump to lift sanctions. Kremlin-funded media tried to blame his fall on a bathtub accident (link). You can read Palmer Report’s summary of the first nine dead Russians here. We’ll dig for more information on any direct connections between Donald Trump and today’s 12th victim Nikolai Andrushchenko. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report