Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes unfortunate remark about NFL protests

The consistent inability of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to competently serve as White House Press Secretary, after Sean Spicer failed in the same role, has raised the question of whether anyone can pull off being the spokesperson for someone as ridiculous as Donald Trump. But today Huckabee Sanders helped remind us that she doesn’t belong in front of a microphone when she made an unfortunate remark about NFL protests.

African-American football players have taken a knee during the national anthem to protest against racism. Donald Trump has insisted that these protests somehow have nothing to do with race. White House correspondent April Ryan asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders today about the issue. Huckabee Sanders responded by saying that the Trump’s stance on the issue was “pretty black and white.” Suffice it to say that the remark, perhaps a Freudian slip, didn’t go over particularly well.

The pushback on Twitter came fast and furious. Julie West tweeted “Wow. As Freudian a slip as there ever was.” Sarah Colonna chided Huckabee Sanders for “not even getting the irony of her own words.” Al Giordano got straight to the point: “Face palm, everybody!” Ricky Davila cut to the heart of the matter: “Yep, considering Trump only targeted black athletes.”

In any case, the upshot is that a competent White House Press Secretary would have had the awareness not to use a phrase like “it’s pretty black and white” while answering a question about racial protests. Then again, her predecessor Sean Spicer once referred to Nazi concentration camps as “Holocaust centers.” And on the same day that Huckabee Sanders made her unfortunate remark, Trump adviser Tom Bossert announced that everyone was going to be “blown away” by the administration’s relief effort for post-hurricane Puerto Rico. Has Donald Trump hired anyone who’s capable of speaking in public?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report