NBC News confirms Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions all lied about vetting Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn just became an even bigger problem for Donald Trump and several key players in his administration. As it’s gradually come to light that Flynn had been on the take from Russia and Turkey during the campaign, and that the government had warned him not to do so years ago, the Trump White House floated the claim that it hadn’t bothered to vet Flynn because he had already been vetted by the Obama administration. But that’s now blowing back on them in a big way.

It was already bizarre for the Trump administration to claim that it had relied on the Obama administration’s prior vetting of Michael Flynn, as Obama fired Flynn back in 2014. That alone should have logically warranted Flynn being subsequently re-vetted when the Trump White House decided to make him the National Security Adviser this year.

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Sure enough, on Friday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow reported on-air that the Trump White House did vet Michael Flynn; she got the information from NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell. This confirms the Trump administration knew Flynn was dirty at the time it appointed him.

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As Maddow explains, that means that everyone from Donald Trump to Mike Pence to Jeff Sessions to Sean Spicer has lied in one way or another about Flynn’s criminal status. Palmer Report pointed out yesterday that the Democrats may have been setting a trap for Pence all along when it came to Flynn (link).

Watch Rachel Maddow break the newns on her MSNBC show in this video:

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