Nancy Pelosi refuses to back down as Republican Congressman keeps trying to interrupt her

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opted to deliver a fiery pushback against the attempt by House Republicans to roll back consumer protections. At least one of those House Republicans didn’t want to let her speak her mind, trying numerous times to cut her off or interrupt her. But Pelosi refused to back down despite the repeated interruptions.

Here’s the video of Nancy Pelosi refusing to be derailed by Republican Congressman John Faso, even as he tries various tactics (link):

Be sure to watch all the way to the end, when Nancy Pelosi reaches the end of her speech, and sticks it to John Faso while yielding the remainder of her time. Faso has only been in the U.S. Congress for five months, and seems to be more than a bit in over his head, judging by the battles he’s foolishly picking and losing.

Despite his (failed) attempt at bullying Nancy Pelosi, it turns out Republican Congressman John Faso is quite the coward in general. He’s been consistently afraid of holding town halls with his own constituents in his home district for fear of backlash. In response, Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney from the neighboring district has been holding town halls in Faso’s district. For those keeping score, John Faso is up for reelection on November of 2018. It’s probably a good bet that Nancy Pelosi will end up making a point of endorsing his Democratic challenger. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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