Donald Trump’s mouth betrays him yet again on immigrant child concentration camps

We know why Donald Trump’s underlings like Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller have been stealing Hispanic immigrant kids from their parents and locking those kids up in cages in concentration camps: they’re white supremacists. But while Trump himself is a despicable racist, he’s never considered racist policy to be anything more than a means to an end. The trouble: when it comes to his concentration camps, he wasn’t supposed to give that away.

Donald Trump has been routinely and falsely claiming on Twitter that his concentration camps were somehow the fault of the Democrats in Congress, who don’t have the majority, and thus have no power to unilaterally stop him. What kind of slimy coward pulls a Hitler-like move against innocent children, and then blames the opposition party for it? The same kind of slimy coward, as it turns out, who rounds up kids into concentration camps simply as a political bargaining tool.

Trump has made the mistake of telling his own white supremacist advisers that he’s only rounding up these kids so he can try to use it to blackmail members of Congress into voting for his racist border wall. If he gets his wall funded, he’ll let the kids go. Trump’s racist advisers seem to have a big problem with this, as they just sabotaged his strategy by leaking it to the Washington Post.

Donald Trump’s public-facing position had been that the Democrats were somehow in charge of the child concentration camps to begin with. No mentally competent person was ever going to believe that, but at least it gave him an entry point for muddying the waters. Now, thanks to his mouth, his own narrative is out the window. Now the story is that, not only is he running child concentration camps, he’s holding these kids hostage as a way of trying to force his legislative agenda through. Clearly, even he doesn’t believe the concentration camps are justified or necessary.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report