Colin Kaepernick’s mother has the perfect response to Donald Trump’s racist rant

Donald Trump thought he could score points with his base, without losing any points with white moderates, when he referred to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a “son of a bitch” on Friday night. The move backfired to the point that the NFL commissioner and the owners of several teams felt compelled to condemn Trump for the remark. It also prompted Kaepernick’s mother to fire back at Trump – and she ended up getting more retweets out of it than he did.

Teresa Kaepernick‏ responded to Trump’s remarks by tweeting “Guess that makes me a proud bitch!” (link). Although her Twitter account is not verified, her authenticity was later confirmed by default when Colin Kaepernick retweeted her remarks. He was far from the only one. At last count Mrs. Kaepernick‏ has received more likes and retweets than Trump received for his tweet demanding that Colin Kaepernick‏ be “fired” from the NFL. Trump has often signaled that he measures his own popularity and correctness based on the size of the response he gets on Twitter – so by his own definition, he lost to Kaepernick‏’s mother. But it gets worse for him.

Trump attacked Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry on Saturday, revoking his championship invitation to the White House after Curry had already signaled he wouldn’t be attending anyway. This prompted LeBron James to quickly fire back by calling Trump a “bum” – and LeBron’s response received more likes and retweets than Trump’s original tweet did.

This past week, Donald Trump retweeted the statistics showing that he was the most-mentioned world leader on Twitter during the United Nations summit, which he seemed to take as a sign that he “won” the summit. Although that makes no logical sense, by his own ground rules, Trump has now rather embarrassingly “lost” his feud with black sports stars.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report