Rex Tillerson calls Donald Trump a “f*cking moron” and has one foot out the door

If you’ve wondered why Rex Tillerson is Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, it turns out Tillerson has been wondering the same thing. In fact he’s so unhappy on the job, and so displeased with Trump, he’s ripped into him in front of other officials. This is now becoming public, and it’s playing out in a manner which could result in his swift departure.

NBC News is reporting that Tillerson called Trump a “moron” in front of other cabinet officials back in June (link). Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC then went on to clarify that he had actually called Trump a “fucking moron.” Tillerson was preparing to resign, but Mike Pence talked him out of it at the time. Now, however, something is clearly once again afoot. Someone chose this time to leak out this particular story, and while it’s not clear who the source was, that person’s attempt at causing trouble is immediately working.

Tillerson responded today by telling the media that he has no intention of resigning – but he refused to deny that he had called Trump a “moron” and he made no move toward apologizing for it. Trump announced that he has “total confidence” in Tillerson. But as Trump has become so obsessed with bashing the NFL of late, we’ll put in sports terms: whenever a team owner announces that he has “total confidence” in an embattled coach, it’s a trial balloon to see if anyone believes it. It never works, and that coach is then fired.

It’s widely suspected that Russian President Vladimir Putin had Donald Trump appoint oil executive Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State so they could do business together once Trump got U.S. sanctions on Russia lifted. But those sanctions never did get lifted, leaving Tillerson with nothing to do. Not only is he bored, he’s resentful – and he doesn’t want to be there. We’ll see if he still is, by the time “moron-gate” finishes playing out.

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