CIA Director Mike Pompeo has had enough, speaks out in direct defiance of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hand picked CIA Director Mike Pompeo has long come off as being one of Trump’s most personally loyal allies. Pompeo has publicly claimed in the past that Russian interference in the election was far less significant than what the rest of the US intelligence community has asserted. Even as recently as last week, Trump and Pompeo were reportedly conspiring to run interference aimed at protecting Trump from his Russia scandal. But as of today, Pompeo is clearly had enough of the antics – and he’s speaking out publicly in direct defiance of Trump.

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that Russia did not interfere in the election. This sent immediate shockwaves across America, causing “Putin” to immediately become the top trending topic on Twitter. Numerous current and former government officials quickly lashed out at Trump for the remark, or sought to directly dispute Trump’s assertion. Shockingly, Mike Pompeo was among those voices.

Here’s how NBC news reporter Andrea Mitchell characterized what Mike Pompeo said: “Wow! CIA Director Mike Pompeo releases statement endorsing intel conclusion Russia meddled direct challenge to Donald Trump’s comments accepting Putin denial and calling ex CIS officials political hacks.” Mitchell’s surprise is warranted, as Pompeo is now clearly trying to distance himself from the entire Trump-Russia mess, and in effect distance himself from Donald Trump entirely. It raises the question of what’s suddenly going on here.

Mike Pompeo is not known to have been a participant in the Trump-Russia election rigging scandal. However, his consistent attempts at covering for Trump in the scandal have made him look incredibly guilty. Perhaps he’s now come to the conclusion that he’s tired of getting dragged deeper into this mess. Perhaps he fears getting caught up the investigation. Or perhaps Mike Pompeo concluded today that Donald Trump is a goner after the Putin remarks, and he’s now hoping to hang onto his CIA job under the next president.