Mentally vacant Donald Trump wanders away from his own motorcade, has to be directed back

Everyone has forgetful moments now and then, where they momentarily forget where they’re at or what they’re doing. But Donald Trump, despite having had relatively few public appearances of late, seems to be increasingly having these mental lapses whenever he’s in public. In this latest instance, which was caught on video, Trump got off Air Force Once and seemed to have no idea where he was or what he was supposed to do.

After stepping off Air Force One, Trump approached his adjacent motorcade, then wandered pretty far away from his car while looking mentally vacant, and had to be directed back to it. Watch the video for yourself:

Again, these moments can happen to anyone. But for Donald Trump, they’ve become part of an increasingly frequent and disturbing trend. During a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Israel, Trump stood up with a dead-eyed look on his face and wandered away from his seat, only to be directed back to it. During an Oval Office signing ceremony, Trump wandered off to an adjacent room without signing it, even as underlings tried to get him to come back.

This increasingly erratic real-world behavior ofrom Donald Trump is coming even as he posts increasingly disturbing things on Twitter. Over the past week he’s attacked a member of the media in vulgar fashion, he’s admitted to having blackmailed her co-host, and he’s posted a video of himself punching CNN in the face. It’s led to widespread calls for the 25th Amendment to be invoked in order to remove him, as he increasingly comes across as mentally unable to carry out the duties of the office. If Trump keeps wandering around in stupor in public like this, it may help jumpstart that process. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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