Donald Trump’s Day From Hell, May 31st Edition

It was a day in which Donald Trump started off briefly almost controlling the message, before it all swiftly unraveled for him in numerous ways and left him in an even deeper hole than when the day began. By the time it was over, May 31st turned to be yet another day from hell for him.

Trump began the day by making fun of his own “covfefe” gaffe, and for a moment he (or more likely the handler tweeting for him) almost sounded human. But then Sean Spicer tried to make “covfefe” sound like it was intentional, and suddenly everyone knew Trump was too embarrassed to stick with the truth about his mistake – as we covered here.

Then came word that Trump’s current Attorney General and former campaign adviser Jeff Sessions may have met with the Russian Ambassador twice in one day during the campaign, essentially shattering his “I don’t remember” defense – which we covered here.

Later in the evening, Senator Al Franken appeared on television and confirmed the Jeff Sessions news was legitimate, and also revealed that the FBI has been investigating Sessions the entire time. Further, Franken revealed that he was the one who had asked the FBI to investigate Sessions – as we covered here.

Then came the late breaking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can seize Donald Trump’s tax returns at any time, and that it’s possible he’s already done so without Trump even knowing about it – which we covered here.

Oh, and that spike in Trump’s approval rating since the overseas trip? The spike that cable news keeps insisting is real? It turns out the approval rating polling averages reveal he didn’t get any bump at all – which we fact checked here.

On May 31st, Donald Trump faced one of his worst days yet. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report