After arrests, Donald Trump goes full “maniac” and his advisers now think he’ll be impeached

Based on his frantic tweets alone, it doesn’t sound like Donald Trump is doing particularly well now that he’s learned three of his campaign advisers have been arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal, and one of them has pleaded guilty. Based on what’s now leaking out from behind the scenes, Trump is taking the news even harder than one might have imagined. In fact he’s so far gone that his advisers now think he’ll be impeached or removed via the 25th Amendment.

The first half of that story comes from the Democratic Coalition, which reports in the wake of the arrests, “Two Republicans on the hill just told me Trump is acting like a complete maniac.” (link). The other half of the story comes from Vanity Fair, which reports that multiple Trump advisors have warned him that he’s going to end up getting ousted from office (link). Trump called up the New York Times and insisted that he’s not remotely upset about the Robert Mueller investigation or this week’s arrests, but behind the scenes it’s a different story.

According to that same Vanity Fair piece, Steve Bannon now thinks there are enough cabinet members willing to remove him via the 25th Amendment, while Roger Stone thinks the Republican Congress is now willing to strategically impeach him. These two disgraced former Trump advisers each have their own agendas – but it’s clear that they’re both still in communication with Trump, and they’re trying to intervene as his presidency circles the drain. Meanwhile, Trump is far from the only one freaking out in the wake of the arrests.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appeared on Meet The Press on Wednesday and went apoplectic while denying any connection to Russia, after former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos implicated him. Trump and his people will only get more nervous as the arrests continue.

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