Lindsey Graham is even more of a mess than we thought

Tammy Wynette’s song, “Stand by your Man,” might be given new meaning in light of the events of the last few weeks. On the night of the 1/6 riots, Senator Lindsey Graham spoke on the floor of the Senate, arguing “enough.” He seemed like for once he had awoken to the codependent nature of his relationship with Trump. But alas, it lasted only a moment and Graham has returned to his ass kissing ways, standing by Trump and blaming others.

A few days after Trump helped to incite violence and an attack on our nation, Graham flew with Trump on Air Force One. In recent days, he has argued against impeachment. Now, he is out on the Sunday shows spewing mystifying attacks on others. Graham said of Joe Biden:

“If you don’t stand up against the impeachment of Donald Trump after he leaves office, you’re an incredibly weak figure in American history. President Trump is trying to heal the nation.”

This is sickening at its most base level, as Trump is not trying to heal anything but his legal woes and exposures come this week. Graham also appears to now blame Nancy Pelosi in part for what happened on 1/6, stating: “How in the hell could that happen? Where was Nancy Pelosi? It’s her job to provide Capitol security.”


We don’t know what it is that motivates Graham to be such a corrupt, vile human being, but some day, the Kompromat will out and we will understand how someone who is smarter than this can be so evil and permit Trump to get away with murder and other crimes.

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