Latest Donald Trump hissy fit: Badlands National Park forced to delete climate change tweets

Donald Trump’s petty war against those in the government who try to use facts has taken yet another strange turn today. After he signed orders greenlighting the controversial and unpopular DAPL and Keystone XL pipelines, the official Twitter account for Badlands National Park decided to subtly push back by tweeting a series of proven and statistical facts about climate change. But now those tweets have been deleted.

The @BadlandsNPS account on Twitter posted a series of tweets along the lines of “Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years” and “Flipside of the atmosphere; ocean acidity has increased 30% since the Industrial Revolution.” But after those tweets became so popular that “Badlands National Park” became a trending topic on Twitter, the tweets suddenly disappeared. In other words, either the Trump administration demanded that they be deleted, or someone at the National Park Service felt forced to delete them for fear of political reprisal. And based on an earlier incident, that fear is well founded.

After the National Park Service dared to tweet about the poor attendance for Trump’s inauguration, he revoked their Twitter privileges and forced them to apologize. The Badlands is part of the NPS and now has to worry about being punished once again.

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