Kellyanne Conway accidentally calls for Donald Trump to resign

Now that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of sexually molesting underage girls, the Republican Party and the Donald Trump administration have been scrambling to try to figure out how to respond. Trump has been on his Asia trip during the entirety of the scandal, so he sent Kellyanne Conway onto national television to field questions. Conway got herself so spun around that by the end of the interview she was accidentally calling for Donald Trump to resign.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on the ABC News morning show this weekend, and she was of course asked about Roy Moore. Her response: “If there’s anyone currently in public office who has behaved that way toward any girl or woman, maybe they should step aside.” As of yet, Moore has not admitted to the accusations against him. However, Donald Trump has been caught on tape bragging in graphic detail about how he’s sexually assaulted women. Thus Kellyanne just called for Trump to resign.

Conway still has no clear role in Donald Trump’s White House, other than to periodically go on television and say ridiculous and dishonest things, typically as a distraction from Trump’s latest failures and scandals. However, when she says something this stupid, it only serves to amplify the Trump scandal she’s supposed to be drawing attention away from.

Kellyanne Conway tends to disappear from public view for long stretches whenever she screws up and says something this stupid. Considering that she’s now accidentally calling for Donald Trump to resign, after this she may end up disappearing for quite a long time.