Jared Kushner suddenly claims he was always considering quitting Donald Trump’s White House in July

Jared Kushner is now under FBI investigation for his role in Donald Trump Russia scandal, amid assertions that he was trying to do everything from setting up secret back channels with the Russian government to negotiating sanctions relief in exchange for Russian financing of Trump business interests. Accordingly, he’s suddenly leaking something to the media that appears to be aimed at giving him an exit ramp from the White House.

Kushner is now telling his friends, who just happened to conveniently turn around and immediately leak it to the New York Times link), that he and his wife Ivanka Trump have always been planning to reevaluate their status in Washington DC at the six month mark. Perhaps this has been true all along, perhaps not. But either way, Kushner appears to be putting this tidbit out there publicly now, as a way of giving himself an exit ramp in July if things continue to get worse for him between now and then.

What stands out the most here in this revelation is it would involve both Jared and Ivanka leaving the White House as soon as July and moving back to New York City. In such case it’s unclear who would be tending to an increasingly aloof Donald, and who would end up running the White House by default.

But either way Jared Kushner isn’t putting this timetable in the New York Times by accident. Either he’s newly concerned that his position in Donald Trump’s White House might be too tenuous to continue much longer, or he’s no longer sure about the viability of Donald Trump White House period. And if he does end up bailing, Kushner clearly wants to be able to say that it was his plan all along. Whether anyone ends up believing that is another story.

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