Sure sounds like Donald Trump Jr just admitted he knows his father is going to be ousted

Michael Flynn’s plea deal has caused some key players in the Trump-Russia scandal to nervously go quiet, or hit the panic button and try to figure out how to change the narrative. Donald Trump has instead decided to open his mouth even more oafishly than usual by tweeting some of the most deranged nonsense he’s ever come up with. Donald Trump Jr is trying to put on an arrogant face, but it sure sounds like he just slipped up and admitted that he knows his father is going to be ousted.

Here’s what Donald Trump Jr tweeted on Sunday night: “Chloe was excited to see grandpa Donald Trump this week in DC at The White House. I hope she gets to remember some of these once in a lifetime moments.” Okay, so that’s straightforward enough. Even monsters like Donald Trump Sr and idiots like Donald Trump Jr tend to like getting their families together for the holidays. But go back and re-read the part about “these once in a lifetime moments.” This is supposed to be the first of four Christmases while Trump is in office.

Sure, it’s subtle. And yes, every year in a young child’s life is an entity unto its own. But why on earth would Donald Trump Jr refer to his daughter visiting Donald Trump in the White House at the start of Christmas season, unless he fully expects it to be the only Christmas in which Trump is in office?

The phrasing here is just weird. Donald Trump Jr made a point of saying that his father’s Christmas 2017 in the White House is a “once in a lifetime” experience for the Trump family. Unless Junior flat out misspoke with this tweet, he just unwittingly revealed that he does not expect Donald Trump to still be in the White House by the start of the Christmas 2018 season.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report