Insider: Robert Mueller may arrest Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn Jr both on Monday to get to Donald Trump

If you’re Michael Flynn, what’s the one thing worse than getting arrested on Monday, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller tries to twist your arm into getting you to flip on Donald Trump? Watching your son get arrested for the same reason. That’s the scenario Flynn may be facing, as an insider familiar with the Mueller probe is hinting that Mueller may arrest Michael Flynn Jr on Monday – in a move which could send immediate shockwaves through the entire investigation.

It’s been confirmed that Robert Mueller is arresting someone on Monday, but no one knows yet who’s being arrested. That includes the suspects and co-conspirators themselves, who are all spending the weekend worrying that they’ll get an emphatic knock on the door on Monday. Various pundits and experts have suggested that anyone from Michael Flynn to Paul Manafort to Jared Kushner could be arrested on Monday. But Mueller may be taking a different approach entirely.

A new report from Politico cites a “white-collar attorney familiar with the Mueller probe” who is hinting that Michael Flynn Jr may be a target for arrest (link). Because the son is accused of having conspired with his father to commit crimes, in this scenario it’s likely that they would both be arrested on Monday. Flynn Junior could be offered immunity in exchange for flipping on his dad, which might be a tough sell. But the way these deals work, Flynn Senior could be offered immunity for his son (if not necessarily for himself) if he’s willing to flip on Trump.

Even if Michael Flynn is willing to rot in prison out of spite, or to risk his fate on the hope that Donald Trump is willing and able to pardon him, he may not be willing to accept the same fate for his son. If we see handcuffs on Michael Flynn Sr and Jr on Monday, we’ll know what Robert Mueller’s strategy is.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report