Michael Flynn Jr reacts after Michael Flynn cuts a deal to save him

In the week since it was revealed that Michael Flynn was negotiating a plea deal against Donald Trump in order to keep his own son out of prison, it hasn’t exactly seemed like Michael Flynn Jr was happy about the matter. First he began posting tweets which questioned the accuracy of the media reports about the deal. Then he began retweeting WikiLeaks cyberterrorist Julian Assange. Now that Flynn has finalized the deal, Flynn Jr seems to be taking a different tack.

Michael Flynn made the strategic mistake of involving his son in his various unregistered foreign agent activities as part of the Flynn Intel Group. This meant that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could charge father and son with the various associated crimes. Even though Flynn seemed willing to go down with the ship, he made clear through the media that he was concerned about his son’s fate. Although the detailed terms of Flynn’s deal have yet to be revealed, it’s widely believed that Flynn Jr was given a free pass in the process.

A few hours after his father’s deal was finalized, Michael Flynn Jr posted this on Twitter: “Family is the most important thing in life…..don’t ever take yours for granted. Thanks everyone for the support.”

That’s the only tweet which Michael Flynn Jr has posted since the deal was announced. It’s expected that as part of the plea agreement, he’ll have to go quiet about the Trump-Russia scandal entirely. We’ll keep monitoring his Twitter account accordingly, but it appears this may be the last we hear from him about politics for awhile. We’ll see.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report