James Comey takes shot at Donald Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey hasn’t seemed to know quite what to do with himself in the months since Donald Trump fired him in an attempt at sabotaging the Trump-Russia investigation. Comey delivered damning public testimony against Trump this summer, then all but disappeared from public view. Now he’s back in the public eye, thanks to an official new Twitter account – and he just took a pretty clear shot at Trump.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump finally endorsed Republican Senate candidate and accused sexual predator Roy Moore. The move stood out as surreal, considering that Trump himself has been caught bragging about the women he’s sexually assaulted over the years. Even as we wait to see whether the endorsement helps or hurts Moore’s teetering candidacy, and whether it ends up putting renewed focus on Trump’s own sex crimes, Comey seized the moment.

Just a few hours after sexual predator Donald Trump endorsed sexual predator Roy Moore, James Comey made a point of tweeting this Jane Adams quote: “The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of myself.” (link). Trump clearly thinks he’s off the hook for his own sexual assaults, just because he hasn’t been ousted from office for it. In fact Trump seems to think that he’s the exception in any given situation.

James Comey unwittingly played a key role in putting Donald Trump into power, when he inexplicably decided to carry out the nonsensically pointless investigation into Hillary Clinton’s fully legal use of email in the public eye, even as he carried out the investigation into Donald Trump’s treasonous crimes in secret, leaving voters irreparably confused about which one was the criminal. But his work in getting the Trump-Russia investigation off the ground ultimately laid the groundwork for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to take over and destroy Trump for his crimes.