Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper makes stunning accusation against Donald Trump

James Clapper has worked for several U.S. Presidents from both parties over the past several decades, culminating with his stint as Director of National Intelligence before he retired earlier this year. There is virtually no one more respected in U.S. intelligence circles. Clapper has raised concerns about Donald Trump before, including his psychological fitness for office. But now Clapper is making a stunning accusation against Trump that’s sending shockwaves.

James Clapper appeared on-air on CNN and said that Vladimir Putin “knows how to handle an asset” when it comes to someone like Donald Trump. This led CNN’s Jim Sciutto to ask if Clapper was asserting that Trump is indeed a Russian asset. Clapper responded in this manner: “We have to remember Putin’s background, he’s a KGB officer. That’s what they do. They recruit assets. I think some of that experience and instincts of Putin is coming to play here in his managing a pretty important account for him, if I could use that term, with our president.”

Even with all the proof of coordination, collusion, and conspiring between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the election, and even with the mounting evidence that Donald Trump knew about it the entire time, this is still a stunning accusation. It’s one thing to accuse Trump of having conspired with the Russian government to rig the election, which would make him a criminal. It’s another to outright accuse Trump of being a Russian asset, which would make him guilty of espionage and treason.

Now that Michael Flynn has cut a plea deal in the Trump-Russia scandal and agreed to share everything he knows, we’re going to get some answers about just how deep Donald Trump was in with the Russians. If James Clapper is correct, and he is most of the time, we’re about to learn that Trump was part of the most incredible espionage plot in U.S. history.

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