J.D. Gordon quit the Donald Trump campaign shortly after his meeting with Russian Ambassador

For all the spectacular flaming out of Michael Flynn, he may not be the key to bringing down Donald Trump over Russia. And for all the times we keep hearing the name Carter Page, he may not be the key either. Instead it may come down another Trump campaign adviser whose name barely registers now because he quit just as the general election was getting underway. In fact he quit right after he met with the Russian Ambassador at the Republican Convention.

Who is J.D. Gordon? That’s the question we should all be asking right now. We know who is on paper. He was a Donald Trump campaign adviser for national security. He was Carter Page’s supervisor during the campaign. He worked at the Pentagon during the latter years of the George W. Bush administration. He was a Navy Commander. But who is he in terms of what he’s made of? And why did he quit the campaign just after the convention? Because that may explain how willing he is to rat out Donald Trump as the Russia scandal hits the fan.

Gordon, Page, and Jeff Sessions held a meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Republican National Convention which resulted in the Republican Party platform being changed from a pro-Ukraine position to a de facto pro-Russia position. Sessions was just fine with how it went down, going on to meet with Kislyak at least once more during the campaign, and then joining the Trump administration. Page stayed on with the campaign until his own Russia entanglements forced him out. But Gordon departed the campaign shortly thereafter. And now Gordon is acknowledging that it was Trump himself who wanted the platform change.

So why did J.D. Gordon quit the Trump campaign just after he played a pivotal role in Trump’s Russia scandal? Was it mere coincidence, or did he realize Trump and Russia were conspiring to rig the election and he wanted no part of it? Those answers will come out as he presumably gets eventually called to testify before the Senate Intel Committee. And if he wasn’t okay with Trump-Russia before, will he spill the beans now?

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