Ivanka Trump’s confrontation on a Jet Blue flight today feels staged

Two men were kicked off a Jet Blue flight today after they approached Ivanka Trump, who was seated in the coach section, and told her that her father Donald was ruining the country. While the story is garnering significant attention and scrutiny from all sides, as the public attempts to figure out who was really at fault, the real story may have been this: the entire thing reads like yet another manufactured Trump publicity stunt.

How often do you suppose Ivanka Trump, whose net worth is in the billions, flies on Jet Blue? And just why was she flying in coach, when Jet Blue typically offers business class and first class options? Unless the Trump family is even more severely in debt to China and Russia than we thought, the only reason for Ivanka to fly coach on a commercial flight is if she was doing it as a stunt.

So the only question is specifically what Ivanka Trump was trying to pull. Was she naively flying coach on a commercial airliner because she was looking to be seen as mingling with working class Americans? Or did she do it because she knew someone on that flight would end up saying something to her about her utterly despised father? Was this all a sympathy ploy? Was the Trump family planning on signing off on something particularly corrupt today, and arranged this stunt as a distraction?

These are the questions we need to be asking right now. If you start yelling confrontational things at your fellow passenger while on an airplane, you’re likely going to get thrown off, and you’ll have to live with the consequences. But the real controversy here is just why Ivanka Trump made a point of flying coach today, and whether she was purposely fishing for controversy for the sake of either sympathy or distraction.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report