Ivanka Trump just came front and center in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Ivanka Trump has been on the fringes of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal for some time now. She failed to disclose her husband’s secret Russia meetings on her security clearance forms. She has a documented past history of having done business with convicted Russian mafia figure Felix Sater. But now Ivanka has come front and center in the Trump-Russia scandal in stunning fashion.

Last night the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump was actively seeking to build a Trump Tower in Russia during the election. Today the New York Times took that story even further, reporting that Felix Sater told Trump’s attorney that he could get Vladimir Putin’s team on board with the project, and that it would lead to Trump becoming President (link). But the real story is what’s being reported about Ivanka’s involvement with Sater.

Sater says he arranged for Ivanka Trump to travel to Moscow, visit the Kremlin, and even sit in Vladimir Putin’s chair in 2006. This was years before Donald Trump traveled to Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant and first began publicly talking about building a Trump Tower there. This points to Ivanka having been the linchpin between Donald Trump and Felix Sater all along. And that’s crucial, considering that Sater has been convicted in relation to Russian mafia money laundering.

It’s been well established that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr led the Trump Organization project which teamed with Felix Sater to build the Trump SoHo in New York City. It’s also widely believed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating the SoHo project in particular. But now we know that Ivanka didn’t merely partner with Sater to build a hotel in New York; her business relationship with him runs so deep and so far back that he took her to the Kremlin before her father even began talking about building in Russia. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.