Don’t fall for the Ivanka Trump head fake

Donald Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley abruptly announced her resignation today, marking yet another turn in Trump’s revolving door of a failing administration. Something feels off about this story, and there’s surely more than meets the eye. It’s also paved the way for another narrative, this one involving Donald Trump appointing his own daughter Ivanka Trump to take Haley’s place. I’m here to tell you not to take the bait, and this is important.

Is Donald Trump brazen and corrupt enough to give his own deeply unqualified daughter such a coveted government position? Sure. He’s already given Ivanka and her equally unqualified husband Jared Kushner senior adviser jobs at the White House. But at this particular point in time, who gives a damn what Donald Trump does with the United Nations job, or what he does with Ivanka? This is a sideshow aimed at distracting us, and it’s an intentional one.

Donald and Ivanka have each separately denied the UN Ambassador storyline. But I’ll give you two guesses who leaked this story to the media to begin with. Donald Trump loves putting an idea out there that’s so uniquely inappropriate, so profoundly absurd, that the media can’t help but run with it, and the public can’t help but get hung up on it. This is all about trying to get the Resistance to chase its own tail for the next month, instead of focusing on the only thing that truly matters right now: the November 6th elections.

If Donald Trump truly does try to appoint his own daughter to embarrass the United States at the United Nations, then yeah, at that point, we probably should raise an objection. Nothing quite says despotic dictator like sending your own offspring to be your nation’s official ambassador to the world. But that’s another day’s problem. Don’t take the bait. Spend the next month focusing on handing the House and Senate to the Democrats, so we can get the subpoenas flying, and bust the Trump crime family wide open. Let the tabloids deal with the Ivanka UN thing for now.