Ivanka Trump throws Twitter tantrum as Congressman tries to get her security clearance revoked

We’re all aware of Donald Trump’s legendary Twitter tantrums. He lashes out, he insults people, he tries to start feuds with everyone from foreign leaders to football players, and he blocks people when he can’t handle the heat. Now that Ivanka Trump is facing mounting questions about the validity of her security clearance amid her private email server scandal, she’s proving the old “like father like daughter” adage by throwing a tantrum of her own – involving a U.S. Congressman, no less.

It all started when popular Congressman Ted Lieu sought to get Ivanka Trump’s security clearance revoked. She knowingly exposed herself to hackers by using a private email address for government business, and then she moved that email account to a private server after investigators caught onto her, demonstrating consciousness of guilt. Lieu tweeted “Rep. Don Beyer & I send letter to WH Counsel calling for revocation of Ivanka Trump security clearance.” Then he added “Ivanka Trump, a senior White House adviser, has blocked me on Twitter. Can you help forward our letter to her? Thank you.”

Wait a minute here. Ivanka Trump is being investigated for using a private email server, and her response is to block a Congressman on Twitter? That’s nothing short of a tantrum on her part, and an embarrassing one at that. But it turns out Ted Lieu got the last laugh.

After Congressman Lieu asked for help, a number of his followers – including actress Jennifer Hale – made a point of pushing the message into Ivanka Trump’s timeline so she’d see it. No word yet on whether Ivanka has thrown yet another tantrum by blocking them as well. This kind of behavior runs rather consistently in the Trump family. Palmer Report once published an article that helped expose one of Donald Trump Jr’s scandals, and he responded by blocking us on Twitter.