It’s over. Bernie Sanders needs to drop out before his stubbornness starts getting people killed in this pandemic.

Thus far tonight Joe Biden has won the large states of Florida and Illinois by huge margins. Florida is a particularly large blowout, with Biden getting nearly three times as many votes as Bernie Sanders. The Arizona results haven’t started coming in yet. But considering Florida and Illinois have produced results highly similar to what the polls were predicting, Arizona will also be a blowout in Biden’s favor (Update, 11:10pm: Biden won Arizona in a blowout).

This primary race is over. It’s not just essentially over, it’s over. Bernie Sanders has no path to the nomination that doesn’t involve magic wands. Looking at the rest of the calendar, you can’t find a single upcoming day where Sanders will pull off a delegate win. It’s not even clear if he’ll win another state.

Based on what happened in 2016, it would be absurd for Sanders to remain in the race. He risks forcing the Democratic Party and its leaders to wait three or four months before being able to formally unite behind Joe Biden in the fight against Donald Trump. Considering there’s a pandemic going on, if Sanders moves forward with what at this point is a mere vanity campaign, it’ll be unconscionable.

It was risky enough for Bernie Sanders to have remained in the race through today, thus forcing people to go out and put themselves at risk just to vote for Joe Biden, in order to make sure Sanders couldn’t pick off a state due to coronavirus-depressed turnout. But now that today’s states are blowouts in Biden’s favor as expected, Sanders will be playing life and death games if he remains in the race and continues forcing Biden’s voters to turn out just to keep him from pulling a fast one.


Bernie Sanders loves to talk about bringing health care to more Americans. If Sanders is a man of decency, he’ll concede the race right now and allow the rest of the primaries to be called off. If he doesn’t drop out tomorrow, he’ll be purposely putting Americans’ lives in danger for the sake of his own ego. Of course states are starting to postpone their primaries anyway, so Sanders is getting shut down one way or the other. Or is he just planning to use this as an excuse to make up more imaginary conspiracy theories about why he’s getting his ass kicked? Sanders has been pulling this infantile nonsense since 2015. Is he finally ready to grow up?

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