Donald Trump heads to Israel amid assessment that the Israeli spy he outed to Russia is likely dead

Donald Trump’s first official overseas trip is off to an almost shockingly troubling start, even by the low standards set by him and his administration up to this point. But things may be about to get far worse for him. Trump just got finished outing an Israeli spy to the Russians, and one intel expert now believes that spy is “likely dead” – even as Trump now prepares to head into Israel for a visit in which he’s already canceling key meetings.

Juliette Kayyem, the former Assistant Secretary for U.S. Homeland Security, has told The Independent that the Israeli spy in question is “likely dead” as a direct result of Donald Trump’s mouth (link). This comes at the worst possible time for Trump, even as he fends off accusations back home that he’s more loyal to the Russians than to the United States, and that he obstructed justice by trying to sabotage the FBI’s investigation into his Russia scandal. But it gets worse.

As Palmer Report has been documenting, something appears to have gone drastically wrong with Trump’s health over the past twenty-four hours. He appeared winded for no apparent reason during his speech in Saudi Arabia (link), and he misread the teleprompter badly enough that his staff felt compelled to make excuses about how “exhausted” he was, despite the trip having just gotten underway (link).

Trump has already canceled his scheduled meeting with the Defense Minister of Israel – but it’s part of such a larger rash of cancelations in both Israel and Saudi Arabia that it’s difficult tell whether Trump is dodging the Defense Minister over the outed spy incident or because there truly is something wrong with his health (link). And then there’s the question of whether Trump’s sudden, strange and conveniently timed “health problems” may merely be an excuse in case he ends up having to resign over his exploding Russia scandal (link).

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