“Are you insane?” Donald Trump Jr slammed for deranged sexual harassment tweet about two year old

Sexual predators on the left and right are now being driven out of public life by the day, with the notable exception of admitted sexual predator Donald Trump. That’s led to quite a bit of blowback against Trump for the hypocritical attacks he’s made against other public figures. The same goes for his son Donald Trump Jr, who seems to have forgotten that his father is a sexual criminal. Now one older tweet from Junior in particular has him in hot water.

Although it long ago fell by the wayside, Donald Trump Jr tweeted this monstrosity back in December of 2011: “Hypothetical question? Can my 2 year old get in trouble 4 sexual harassment for asking his teacher to come to his place naked after school?” Late Show host Stephen Colbert belatedly encountered the tweet this week, and responded “Non-hypothetical question: are you insane?” This has placed quite a bit of public attention on Junior’s older tweet, and prompted condemnation from all corners.

Subsequent responses to Donald Trump Jr’s creepy tweet ranged from “What is WRONG with you? Do you honestly think this is funny?” to “Calling Children’s Protective Services. You’re as sick as your dad. Who says stuff like that about their kids? Truly what is wrong with you?” Then came this particularly biting reply from Marc Cooper, who responded with “This is the new America. Where the son of the President of the United States thinks it’s funny to make jokes about sexual harassment. BTW, if the 2 year old you are referring to is your father then yes he can.”

Thus far Donald Trump Jr hasn’t responded to the newfound backlash against his older tweet, or tried to explain what he could possibly have been thinking when he originally wrote it. He has, however, continued to tweet negative things about public figures accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault, while continuing to ignore that his own father is an admitted sexual criminal.

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